All Tomé Feteira files and rasps are made of high quality chromium alloy steel and hardened individually up to 64 HRC in order to assure an excellent grip even on very hard materials.
The hardness and the special depth of the teeth cuts on our files give them much more resistance to wear, even under intensive professional use.
Tomé Feteira produces hundreds of different types of files and rasps, varying in cross-section, size and cut. Our file measurements and the density of cuts are within the tolerances of standard specifications.
The most common cuts for normal files and rasps are Bastard- Cut 1 , Second Cut – Cut 2 and Smooth - Cut 3. Although, when precision files are concerned, Cut 0 – Very Coarse and Cut 4 – Dead Smooth, are also much requested. Also, Engineering files present a double cut / cross cut, while Sharpening files have only a single cut.
When you order, you must choose the file shape (flat, round, etc.), the size ( 150mm, 200mm, etc.) and the teeth cut
(bastard, smooth, etc). You will find more detailed ordering information at each catalogue page.

Cut 1 - Bastard
File Cut

Rasp Cut

Single Cut

Cut 3 - Smooth
File Cut

Rasp Cut

Milled Straight Cut With Chipbreaker
Cut 2 - Second Cut
File Cut

Rasp Cut

Milled Radial Cut